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About our company

We are a “performance” aftermarket part manufacturing facility with our specialty being suspension packages & brake systems for early Ford and Mercury shock tower cars.

Being car builders with decades of personal and combined schooling experience gives us the knowledge of the Whys and Hows of the driving experience related to suspension design.

By doing business with the people who design and manufacture your parts under one roof, you get the best overall price, best knowledge and experience available and the direct person to person tech support that you deserved or may be needed. In short we are the beginning, the middle and the end providing straightforward answers and solutions for your needs.

When you call Rod and Custom Motorsports you will be dealing with the general manager directly. We do this to insure that all of our customers are treated courteously and are provided with all the correct information. Any and all questions that you may have will be answered. This allows the customer to fully understand what is needed and involved so that he can make informed choices for his vehicle from the start.

While we know that this hands on approach is not an industry standard, we just do not feel comfortable putting our greatest asset (you the customer) in just anyone’s care. It’s that simple!

Exceptional and knowledgeable staff!

Glenn Thomas - June 29, 2017

Great bunch of people. The have a lot of knowledge and are willing to share it!

Amazing Work! staff!

Hannah Aull - February 20, 2017

The team at RC Motorsports did amazing work. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

Great Team! staff!

Leigh Anne Wills - February 19, 2017

Great tam at R&C! Thanks for everything.

Our Team



Over 50 Years in the performance auto industry. College education in Mechanical Engineering.

Job Duties: Sales, Technical Support and business management.



Eileen is in charge of all book keeping, Accounting, Payroll, etc. In short, she keeps the machine oiled and running like it should. She has many hours in the formation and development of this company, and is a major contributor. She has been battling an ongoing sickness, but still maintains her responsibilities. Eileen is an exceptionally nice person and very graceful Lady that everyone thinks the world of. Her positive attitude and faith are an inspiration to all of us.

Thank You Eileen, for all that you do.

– Willie, Roger, Johnny, Tommy, Boo & Trey



Roger is an educated Master TIG Welder. He has 17 Years inside machine shop fabrication. Brings to us the capability of producing a top quality unit that is as strong as it possibly can be. Roger is also trained and experienced in the identification and practices of Weldingall types of metals. Common and Exotic.



Johnny is the Machine Shop Supervisor. He oversees the machining process, and is the quality control person for the “Fit & Finish” of our fabricated pieces. Johnny is a college educated Master Machinist with more years experience than he will admit to. He works alongside Tommy Stokes and together they handle everything from A to Z in the Machine Shop.



Tommy is a college-educated Draftsman Engineer and CAD Designer. He does raw steel inventory, Ordering/ Cost Analysis. Also does the cost estimates and does the CAD Design work and all of our Blueprints. Tommy is the “Go Between” for steel suppliers and the actual Machine Shop.



Boo is a machinist extraordinaire and Johnny King’s go-to guy in the Shop. He is mainly involved with the machine work and testing on the Research & Development pieces.



Trey heads up all inventory and Packages and ships customer orders. Trey also assists in Fabrication with shop workload. He is very ambitious and knowledgeable. Trey is the newest and youngest member, and at 26 years old he blends well as a team player.



Technical Support


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