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Do I have to take any measurements before removing my front-end and shock towers?

Yes. It is a good idea before removing anything to first mark the centerline of the wheel well / quarter panel (using painters tape or any non-marring method/material) in direct relation to the vertical axis of your wheel / hub so that you will have an alternative reference line to help center the cross member on the frame rail should the factory or after market locating holes be damaged or non-existent. 

Do I have to purchase 2” drop spindles to achieve stock ride height?

No. Not with Rod & Custom. Drops will lower your car 2″ less than stock height.

How do you ship?

We will ship by the most economical carrier. Most orders in the Continental U.S are shipped by way of U.P.S.

How are C.O.D. Orders handled?

All C.O.D. orders will be shipped cash, Certified Check, or Money Order only. Sorry, but no personal checks are accepted. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted.

What if I have to return merchandise?

All sales are final. Merchandise may be returned only with the consent of Rod & Custom Motorsports Inc. Any merchandise accepted for return is subject to a 15% restocking fee. All goods approved for return must be shipped freight prepaid, as the receiving department is not authorized to accept collect shipments. Products that have been used or altered in any way cannot be returned. No returns after 30 days.

What do I do if I have a claim?

Damaged or lost merchandise are to be made to Freight Carrier. If you receive a damaged package or package that looks like it has been tampered with, make a written note of this to the Freight Carrier when you sign for the package. A verbal note to the driver is not sufficient. Carefully open and be sure to save damaged container as visable proof; this is the first thing they will ask to see. Notify the local office of the Freight Carrier within 48 hours. Once merchandise has been received, open all boxes as soon as possible and inventory items. Claims for shortage of merchandise (other than lost items) MUST be made with Rod & Custom Motorsports Inc. within 7 days of receipt of order.

What if I want any special products?

Any Custom IFS Kits or other special products manufactured by Rod & Custom Motorsports Inc. require a 50% non refundable deposit before work is started. These sales are final. No refund or return allowed.

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and Paypal.

U.P.S. Orders when paid by MasterCard or Visa will be shipped prepaid and shipping cost will be included on the invoice. United Parcel C.O.D. orders will be charged C.O.D. fees and shipping costs. Upon delivery, orders will require cash, certified check, or Money Order. C.O.D. orders over $600.00 will require a 25% deposit.

Product returns

Please contact us at 800.525.0091 with any questions you may have about your product. If a return is needed, we will provide you with the information needed for this return. Please not additional fees may apply.

All product returns can be sent to:

448 Green Acres Rd
Florence, SC 29505

Term and Conditions

All information contained herein is subject to change without notice. 


Merchandise is guaranteed free from defects in workmanship . We will repair or replace products at our discretion based on reason, facts and evidence. Rod & Custom Motorsports Inc. will not be liable for personal or property damage caused by misuse of products we manufacture or sell. User shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use, and the user shall assume all responsibility and risk in connection therewith.

Rod & Custom Motorsports Inc. makes no other warranty of any kind, express or implied. Rod & Custom Motorsports Inc. shall have no obligation under the foregoing warranty where the defect is the result of improper or abnormal use, your negligence, vehicle accident, improper or incorrect installation or maintenance, nor when the product has been repaired or altered in any way. Rod & Custom Motorsports Inc. liability in the case of defective products subject to the foregoing warranty shall be limited to the repair or replacement, at Rod & Custom Motorsports Inc. discretion, of the defective products.

THE BUYER UNDERSTANDS AND EXPRESSLY RECOGNIZES that racing parts, specialized street rod equipment, rod end bearings, and ALL parts and services sold by  Rod & Custom Motorsports Inc. are exposed to many and varied conditions due to the manner in which they are installed and used. BUYER ACKNOWLEDGES that  Rod & Custom Motorsports Inc. does not have full knowledge of the intended use of the goods, and BUYER WILL DEFEND AND INDEMIFY  Rod & Custom Motorsports Inc. upon demand against all claims, actions, liability, loss and expense (including investigating expense and attorney fees incurred in litigation or because of threatened litigation) for any loss, damage or injury, either to a person or to property, resulting from the direct or indirect use of any  Rod & Custom Motorsports Inc. products or inability by the buyer to determine proper use or application of  Rod & Custom Motorsports Inc. products. With the exception of the limited liability warranty set forth above,  Rod & Custom Motorsports Inc. SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIMS, DEMANDS, INJURIES, DAMAGES, ACTIONS, OR CAUSES OF ACTION WHATSOEVER TO BUYER ARISING OUT OF OR CONNECTED WITH THE USE OF ANY  Rod & Custom Motorsports Inc. PRODUCTS. MOTORSPORTS ARE DANGEROUS; AS SUCH, NO WARRANTY OR REPRESENTATION IS MADE AS TO THE PRODUCT'S ABILITY TO PROTECT THE USER FROM INJURY OR DEATH. THE USER ASSUMES THAT RISK.


Installation Instructions

Frame Dimensions
Power Rack Plumbing Diagram
RC-107K Instructions
RC106K Instructions
GM Wiring to Ford Wiring Harness Diagram
RC-114 (Rear Coilover Kit)
RC-114 (62-65 Fairlane Rear Coilover Kit)
Steering Column Modification

Installation Videos

Installation Video Introduction

MII Installation Video

Front Drum to Disc Brake Conversion

Offset Master Cylinder Brake Booster Installation

Engine Block Mount Installation

Crossmember Fabrication Process

Steering Hookup/Column Conversion MII Suspension

Product Returns

Please contact us to verify your product is eligible for our return policy.

All product returns can be sent to:

448 Green Acres Rd
Florence, SC 29505



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