1960-1971 Ford Ranchero / Mustang II Adjustable Ride Height Coil Over Suspension Package


This kit supplies you with all parts and hardware needed to completely convert your vehicle from the existing OE suspension to the late model rack and pinion that will improve handling, braking, and solve needed clearance issues associated with installing the larger V8 engines into these shock towered vehicles.

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Choosing the right hand option will require a right hand drive rack which has to be special ordered and is the reason for the additional cost along with the special right hand drive x-member the will have to be fabricated.

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Wilwood Mustang II Pro Spindle Option:

Wilwood’s ProSpindle is specifically designed for use in fabricated A-arm suspensions on kit cars, street rods, drag cars and other custom or race applications configured around Pinto/Mustang ll suspension geometry. A redesigned one-piece forged steel body uses common Pinto and Mustang ll tie rod ends, ball joints, wheel bearings and seals. It is lightweight yet nearly three times stronger than OE or aftermarket two-piece cast iron and steel replacement spindles.

The 2″ dropped spindle pin provides the desired lowered ride height without disturbing the suspension geometry. Bolt-on steering arms are strong and can be reversed to accommodate rear steer configurations. They also allow the same spindle to be used on either side of a vehicle. Bolt-on caliper brackets attach to substantially reinforced mounting bosses on the spindle body for secure, deflection-free mounting of four or six piston calipers.

11.00″ Mustang II Wilwood Dynapro Dust-Boot Pro Series Front Brake Kit 140-13377 Options:

11.00″ Mustang II Wilwood Forged Dynalite Pro Series Kit 140-11017 Options:

11.03″ Mustang II Wilwood Classic Series Dynalite Front Brake Kit 140-14271 Options:

12.19″ Mustang II Wilwood Forged Dynalite Big Brake Front Brake Kit (Hub) 140-10440 Options:

12.19″ Mustang II Wilwood Forged Dynalite Big Brake Front Brake Kit (5 x 5 Hub) 140-14530 Options:

12.19″ Mustang II Wilwood Forged Dynapro 6 Big Brake Front Brake Kit (5 x 5 Hub) 140-14531 Options:

12.19″ Mustang II Wilwood Forged Dynapro 6 Big Brake Front Brake Kit (Hub) 140-10742 Options:

12.19″ Mustang II Wilwood Dynapro Dust-Boot Big Brake Front Brake Kit (Hub) 140-13378 Options:

12.88″ Mustnag II Wilwood Forged Narrow Superlite 6R Big Brake Front Brake Kit (Hub and 1PC Rotor) 140-12275 Options:

12.88″ Mustang II Wilwood Forged Narrow Superlite 6R Big Brake Front Brake Kit (Hub) 140-9801 Options:

14.00″ Mustang II Forged Narrow Superlite 6R Big Brake Front Brake Kit (Hub) 140-9802 Options:

10.75″ Mustang II Wilwood Dynapro Lug Mount Front Dynamic Drag Brake Kit 140-14416 Options:

10.00″ Mustang II Wilwood Dynapro Single Front Drag Brake Kit 140-1012-D Options:

10.75″ Mustang II Forged Dynalite Front Drag Brake Kit 140-1013-BD Options:

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***It is a good idea before removing anything to first mark the centerline of the wheel well / quarter panel (using painters tape or any non-marring method/material) in direct relation to the vertical axis of your wheel / hub so that you will have an alternative reference line to help center the cross member on the frame rail should the factory or after market locating holes be damaged or non-existent.

 ***By deleting the standard brakes and spindles that come with our suspension kit we credit the money towards a Wilwood kit. Wilwood kits in this context reflect the lower price because of the credit. Wilwood kits bought individually on the website outside of the context of a suspension kit purchase WILL NOT match the discounted cost you receive when deleting the standard brakes within the suspension kit at the time of purchase.

The main features of this coil over spring package is the ability to mechanically adjust the ride height of your car in a matter of minutes. The corner control it gives along with the much needed engine bay clearance makes it our top seller!

This kit can also be configured to allow the use of air ride shocks.

All that would be left for you to supply would be a disc brake master cylinder and an engine with the rear sump oil pan. Everything else needed to finish and put your car back on the road is included with this conversion kit.

At Rod & Custom, we use Autodesk CAD programs, both 2d and 3d/solid modeling. FEA (Finite Element Analysis) is also employed to assure our design is strong and safe.


  • New crossmember and ride height adjustable upper coil over mounts along with engine mount stands for your engine choice.
  • New 4-pc. complete upper and lower tubular A-arm set with hardware.
  • New steel stock height MII spindles for stock height OR 2’’ drop available that will lower car 2 full inches over OE height.
  • New complete 11’’ single piston OE brake kit w/stainless flex lines. Brake upgrades available. See related items.
  • New manual rack and pinion with bushings and 2 new tie rod ends and mounting hardware. Optional power rack available.
  • Complete engine mount set for small block (Ford or Chevy) 351W, 351C, 429-460, or FE (390, 427, 428) is included.
  • New manual or power rack (your choice) with fittings, bushings, and bolts.
  • 1’’ powder-coated sway bar with all mounting bracketry and end links with Prothane bushings and hardware. Prothane urethane anti-squeak super lube also included and it works!
  • Left and right tower replacement panels.
  • New steering hookup kit which includes the rack joint, column joint, and the rack to column shaft, along with the column modification kit for OE column users.
  • QA1 coilover shocks and springs with grade 8 mounting hardware. It is fully adjustable for shock ride and the adjustable bracket system provides complete height control!
  • Detailed instructions are included with all kits along with preferential customer technical assistance.

Available for: 65-73 Mustangs, 67-70 Cougars, 62-69 Fairlanes, 66-69 Cyclones, 68-71 Torinos, 60-70 Falcons, Wagons, Rancheros, Convertibles and all Mavericks and Comets.

Please note: All MII suspension designs require the use of the rear/double sump car style pan for these systems due to the front steer design, this is required no matter the manufacturer. If you need help locating the correct pan give us a call!

Made in the U.S.A.

Make Model Year
Ford Ranchero 1960 - 1971

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